• Ali Sahbana Mahasiswa S2 UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung
Keywords: development, quality management, boarding school


This article discusses the development of quality management in pesantren education.
The aim is to find out about what are the steps taken in developing the quality of an
Islamic boarding school. The theory discussed in this article includes the understanding
and steps of management, the general description of Islamic boarding schools and the
SWOT analysis method used in measuring the strengths and weaknesses of boarding
schools seen in 4 perspectives (Strengs, Weaknes, Opportunity and Treath). The results
of the discussion concluded that to develop the quality management of pesantren
education is carried out with several steps, namely: (Planing, which includes the
formulation of vision, mission and objectives. Organizing, position assignment and
division of tasks according to their expertise. strict from the leader), besides SWOT
analysis is done as one of the methods used to help facilitate the achievement of objectives
in a management.