• Syaban Apandi Dosen STAI Yamisa Soreang
Keywords: Management of development programs, Islamic religious education, worship habituation


Not infrequently the existing personnel retire declining health, both physically
and mentally. Problems faced after no longer existed as an employee or on a end phase
we need to examine the handling of business so that they can feel peace and happiness.
One of the efforts made by organizations' end Telkom Retirement Association (P2TEL)
Branch South Bandung is spiritual development through the development of Islamic
religion to evoke a feeling close to Allah, through habituation or gairu mahdah mahdah
worship. Thus the necessary existence of a set of management in supporting them.
Management is a process of using resources effectively to achieve a particular goal or
objective. The purpose of this study was to determine and obtain an overview of the
management development program for Islam in increasing habituation 'end of worship
for Telkom, which include: planning, organizing, implementation and assessment /
evaluation, including to determine the factors inhibiting and supporters. This study used
a qualitative approach with descriptive methods. While data collection techniques use of
observation, interviews, and documentation. The findings in this study concluded that the
training program conducted by the Chairman of the Union of Pensioners Telkom South
Bandung branch are in accordance with the management function and there is an
increase in the implementation of its development program, increase of knowledge, faith
as well as an increase in the habituation of worship. While the recommendation in this
study include: (1) Attempts were always doing all steps of management, from planning to
development, (2) Attempts to fully involve participants in planning the teaching, so that
teaching programs can be understood and implemented properly and structured, (3) to
provide guidance to Islam relating to the material during the stresses to the teachings of
Islam and its various aspects, but should be for the 'end formation for more emphasis on
coaching aspect habituation true worship in accordance with the shari'ah. With the
habituation of worship, either worship mahdah or worship gairumahdah, it is expected
to form beings who have the values, norms and a high awareness that is always activity
worth of worship to Allah and died was in a state of Husnul khatimah (highest ideals
every Muslims), (4) the company / subsidiary Telkom should also pay attention to and
support the potential possessed by the 'end that can be fostered and developed more
widely, as the efforts and form the company's award to the former employees, who may
be the' end is the pioneer / pioneers who made it into a big company it is today.