• Ahmad Gozin Dosen Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Dakwah (STID) Sirnarasa Ciamis-Jawa Barat
Keywords: Khitabah, Epektitifas, Da'wah


This study aims to determine how the effectiveness of the bible in the activities of Islamic
da'wah. The usefulness of this research is to provide information and thought materials
for preaching academics and the public at large about the epitheticality of the preaching
in the process of preaching. The approach in this research is analytic descriptive. This
method is used to find a picture of problem solving about the epithetical khithabah in
Islamic da'wah activities. Research techniques carried out with literature study, which is
looking for from the sources of books (references) that discuss the khitahabah, with
several analyzed stages, namely collecting data about understanding, khithabah steps,
khithabah techniques, epithetical effectiveness and the advantages and disadvantages
khithabah in Islamic da'wah activities. The data obtained is then classified and connected
between one another in order to produce a conclusion. The data shows that the
implementation of khithabah is quite epective with certain provisions and criteria, for
having the ability (da'i) rhetoric (art of speech) and good morals and proselytizing